Just one sonetto!

The Right Train

The south suburban line and the facts before,
This line has been here since 84 (1884).

It stopped carrying passengers in 62 (1962),
Everyone then was feeling blue.

A resurrection of the service would deliver,
All we need to do is pull the trigger.

A new chapter in transport beckons,
It makes sense in all it reckons.

This is the right train crossing the City,
Bringing added capacity and diversity.

Destinations for everyone using the line,
For travelling around or recreational time.

Leaving Waverley, off we go,
Not till Haymarket will we first whoa.

Arrives at Haymarket in no time at all,
everyone seems to be having a ball.

People turn their heads as she approaches Gorgie Road,
There has not been a service here before they are told.

[Another line goes to Slateford where she will turnaround,
Providing an option that’s pretty sound.]

Running up to Craiglockhart, a steady climb,
The gradient’s against her, but she’s on time.

Strong and stable from hence she does depart,
Heading to Morningside with all her heart.

To Blackford and Newington, then downhill,
She is moving well and what a thrill.

Its Duddingston next and Craigmillar too,
We are more than half way round on this suburban choo choo.

Round we go to Brunstane, on the Waverley Line,
It could be a lot more in the future and that would be fine.

Next stop Portobello with location and range,
This could be the best interchange.

[A spur line to Seafield and then on to Dock,
Once turned around, back to Portobello with the rolling stock.]

Onwards we can go to Holyrood Queens or Meadowbank,
Two more inspired halts to be frank.

[A spur line to Easter Road, Shrubhill and then Powderhall,
A turnaround here and back to a place of your choice, you will recall.]

Arriving back at Meadowbank or Holyrood Queens,
Reminds you of the location and all that it means.

The day is still bright as Waverley appears,
To welcome home these new pioneers.