List of Latest News items

Latest News Items

31 March 2021 – Comments to Transport Scotland by 31st March 2021 on Phase 2 of the second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2).

12 February 2021 – City of Edinburgh Council considering a huge extension to tram network.

3 February 2021 – Transport Scotland undertaking 2nd Scottish Transport Projects Review (STPR2).

23 January 2021 – UK Government announces two new passenger rail schemes to be powered firstly by diesel electric, then hydrogen or battery technology, not electrification.

19 November 2020 – City of Edinburgh Council re-evaluate tram extension to Newhaven as a result of Covid pandemic.

29 September 2020 – hydrogen powered train makes UK maiden journey.

September 2018 – note on proposed development of former Powderhall Waste Transfer Station site.

August 2018 – CALA Leith Docks development gets go ahead.

August 2018 – new routes for airport buses.

February 2018 – ELRCL launch suggestion for three new suburban routes.

December 2017 – final cost of Edinburgh Airport to York Place tram over £1 billion.

December 2017 – Edinburgh Evening News poll on extension of tram line to Newhaven.

November 2017 – CALA resubmitted plans for Leith Docks housing refused.

September 2017 – CALA withdraw Leith Docks housing application from August 2016.

September 2017 – response to City of Edinburgh Council on business case decision for tram extension to Newhaven.

September 2017 – note on City of Edinburgh Council agreed business case to take tram line to Newhaven at a cost of £165 million.

March 2017 – outline ELR proposals circulated to Transport and Environment Committee members at City of Edinburgh Council – no responses.

August 2016 – objection to CALA planning application for housing at Leith Docks to protect potential Lindsay Road and Dock Stations.